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Carolina Kolberg DC, PhD

Dr. Kolberg has a chiropractic degree from Anhembi Morumbi University in São Paulo, Brazil (2004), a Master's in Biological Sciences: Physiology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (2009)  and a PhD in Biological Sciences: Physiology. Dr. Kolberg is the Research Committee Chair of the Latin American Federation of Chiropractic (FLAQ) and a member of the editorial board of the Journal Coluna/Columna, the official scientific publication of the Brazilian Spine Society and affiliated societies including the World Federation of Chiropractic. Her research interests include the neurophysiology of pain, pain management and the physiological effects of chiropractic treatment.
Dr. Kolberg was a professor in the Postgraduate Program of Chiropractic Orthopedics and Traumatology and Coordinator of the Postgraduate Program in Ergonomics at the America Latina College. Currently she is teaching anatomy and scientific metodology in a university center in the south of Brazil.