RickDr Rick McMichael is a past-president of the American Chiropractic Association; the Ohio State Chiropractic Association; the Ohio State Chiropractic (regulatory) Board; and COCSA.  He chaired the Guideline Council (CCGPP) for 3 years during its formation. Currently he serves as WFC Second Vice-President.

Rick served twelve years on Advisory Committees for integrating DCs into the Department of Defense Military Health System and the Department of Veterans' Affairs, and testified before Congressional committees in Washington, DC.  

Rick has served since 2007 as facilitator for the Chiropractic Summit, which sets plans to address the most critical issues impacting the chiropractic profession and includes leaders of 40+ organizations. He has facilitated many long range planning retreats for state and national organizations, to empower DCs to find their agreement and work better together.

Rick practices with sons, Aaron and Ryan. He and wife Patricia enjoy spending time with their family of five children and 10 grandchildren.