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A History of WFC and the Profession

DD Palmer with Dr. Douglas Baker (left) and Dr. Virgil Strang, President, Palmer College
at the Chiropractic Centennial, Washington DC, 1995

To celebrate its Silver Anniversary in 2013 the WFC published an elegant, hardback illustrated history of its first 25 years – and the huge global growth of the chiropractic profession in that time (250 pages, over 600 photographs and illustrations, full color throughout).

All chiropractors will want this magnificent new illustrated history of the profession in its era of true international expansion.  Title is  The Global Advance of Chiropractic: The World Federation of Chiropractic 1988-2013, author is Dr Reed B Phillips, editors are Dr Gerard Clum and David Chapman-Smith. For a preview see:

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Prosecutions in South Korea – Appeal for Support and Donations

                                        (Most current news can be found in the WFC's Quarterly World Reports)

June 30, 2011                                                             

This is a special news release and report on the prosecution of chiropractors in South Korea, and an appeal to all chiropractors and chiropractic organizations to donate funds as you are able to the Korean Chiropractic Association (KCA), the World Federation of Chiropractic’s  member association in South Korea.

To donate funds to the KCA visit WFC at www.wfc.org

Here is background information and the current situation. KCA President, Dr. Taeg Su Choi is appealing a recent conviction and 5 other KCA members are facing prosecutions.

Background.  In South Korea chiropractors, and other health professionals not recognized by law such as acupuncturists, face two major opponents. The first is the Korean Medical Association (KMA) representing the medical profession. The second is the Oriental Medical Doctors’ Association (OMDA) who represent a large and powerful group of regulated OMDs who provide chuna (manipulation techniques – taught with translated versions of chiropractic text books), herbal remedies and acupuncture.

The KMA and the OMDA have been reporting chiropractors to the police, thus leading to multiple prosecutions against chiropractors, since the first Korean chiropractor Dr. Yong Serb Song returned from Palmer College in the early 1990s. Dr. Song, the first President and founder of the KCA, was convicted three times before he passed away in 2001. His son and daughter, Dr. Joonn-Han (Steven) Song and Dr. Su-Hie (Katrina) Song, are also Palmer graduates and have also faced prosecutions.

Over the years many chiropractors, most prominently anyone brave enough to become part of the KCA, have faced prosecutions and convictions. Several have had second and third convictions and not only large fines but suspended prison sentences, forcing them to leave their homes and country for new lives in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA and elsewhere.

Some convicted chiropractors, including Dr. Katrina Song, have appealed to the Constitutional Court. Their argument has been that Koreans have a constitutional right to choose and receive natural forms of healthcare that relieve pain and suffering, and chiropractors have a constitutional right to offer their services. The current medical law is too wide and unconstitutional in restricting those rights.

In early cases the panel of nine judges all supported the medical law. When Dr. Katrina Song appealed in 2001 two of nine judges found in her favour, and all said that the government should be reviewing the situation. However facing the threat of a one year suspended term of imprisonment Dr. Song had to abandon chiropractic practice.

Each year the Constitutional Court has become more supportive as brave KCA leaders and others have continued in practice, faced prosecution and conviction, and then appealed. A majority of six of nine judges is required for success. Acupuncturists have also continued fighting appeals. In an acupuncture appeal last July the Constitutional Court had five of nine judges ruling the medical law was unconstitutional – one short of victory.

Current Situation.  The current President of the KCA is Dr. Taeg Su Choi, a 1998 graduate of Life Chiropractic College who practices in Changwon City in South Korea. He has been KCA President since December 2003 and has been an inspirational leader. Working with Congressman Kim he arranged KCA/WFC symposia at the Korean National Assembly in Seoul in 2005, 2006 and 2007. He has written policy documents on chiropractic for legislators and an impressive book on chiropractic for the general public titled No Surgery, No Drugs, Chiropractic Medicine.

Dr. Choi has faced five prosecutions since 2004 – in other words since becoming KCA President. The most recent began on a complaint from the OMDA. He was convicted and fined $3,000. On legal advice he appealed to both the Constitutional Court and within the general court system. In the general court appeal he received probation.

Dr. Choi has now launched a further appeal in the general court system and is waiting for hearings there and in the Constitutional Court.

These important appeals are naturally supported and made on behalf of the KCA. The legal team of three lawyers is led by Taewon Park, a leading lawyer in the field who has won many cases relative to massage therapy and acupuncture. He was involved in the acupuncture appeal before the constitutional court last year.

Another current conviction and appeal relates to Dr. Junyong Ahn, a 2006 Palmer College graduate who has practiced in the capital Seoul for the past 5 years. In the Lower Court he was convicted and fined US$5,000. His case is now on appeal before the Supreme Court.

“Last months formal chiropractic clinics were investigated by local health officers and one new prosecution has begun”, reports Dr. Taeg Su Choi. “This is from complaints from the KMA and OMDA which continue to try to get rid of the chiropractic profession in South Korea”.

The KCA, which once had approximately 60 members, is currently reduced to 17 members because of the hostile environment to chiropractic practice in Korea. Most of these 17 already have at least one conviction. The WFC, which will itself be making a donation, asks you to be generous in supporting the KCA at this pivotal time for the survival and success of the chiropractic profession in South Korea. 


WFC de Montréal Congrès Populaire en un énorme succès par Tous

May 2009

Chantal Petitclerc

Plus de 1.100 médecins de chiropractie et d'étudiants de 38 pays étaient présents pour la Fédération Mondiale de Chiropractie dixième Congrès Biennal extrêmement réussi à Montréal, Québec, Canada le 30 avril – le 2 mai. Cette celébration de chiropractie, accueilli par la Chiropractie Association canadienne, a commencé avec une adresse inspiratrice de Canada 2008 Athlète de l'An – Chantal Petitclerc. Les haut-parleurs principaux ont inclus Dr. Scott Haldeman, révélant la recherche et la preuve maintenant solides ont basé pour la direction de chiropractie de malades avec de mal de dos aigu et chronique, de douleur de cou et de mal de tête, et Dr. David Eisenberg d'Harvard fait un rapport sur son intégration de chiropractie et autres complémentaires les services avec le soin médical dans le système d'hôpital d'Université d'Harvard.
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NZCA Earthquake Appeal

NZCA letter dated March 14 (New Zealand Chiropractors' Association Appeal)

March  2011

Our thoughts and prayers and best wishes go out to colleagues whose lives and practices have been devastated by natural disasters and revolution in a number of countries in recent months – by floods in Australia, earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, and revolution and war in Egypt, Libya and elsewhere in the Middle East.

Click the link above to see an appeal “to our global chiropractic family” from the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association for donations to support the 35 chiropractors in Christchurch, New Zealand whose homes, practices and lives have been shattered by the February 22 earthquake.

“The situation is dire”, explains NZCA President, Dr. Jim Burt. All other members of the NZCA are contributing substantially through an association levy and fund.

Please give what you can, individually and through your associations. As Dr. Burt says “funds raised will be used wisely by the NZCA and donations of any amount will be hugely appreciated by the chiropractors and community of Christchurch”. Thank you.

 Burt_1  Burt_3 Burt_2 Burt_5
                                                                                                                General Damage





Dr. Jim Burt, NZCA President (standing)
and Dr. Corrian Poelsman, NZCA
First Vice-President (left) visit Christchurch
to inspect damage and meet with the
coordinator of the Christchurch chiropractors
Dr. Simon Roughan (right).

Christchurch’s 35 chiropractors meet at the office of
Dr. Simon Roughan (center front) on March 22 to discuss
the situation, draw strength from each other,
plan for the future and put a brave face on their situation.



Soins du Dos Mondial (World Spine Care )

December 2009

Le bureau de la FMC a approuvé le projet intitulé :le Soin du dos Mondial (SDM); un nouveau projet visionnaire mené par le docteur Scott Haldeman, president du département recherche de la FMC, qui a le but d'aider les  populations  de régions défavorisées du monde qui souffrent de problèmes de santé liés au dos. Le SDM (WSC) recrutera des professionnels de services médicaux volontaires incluant des chiropracteurs, des médecins et des kinésithérapeutes afin de délivrer des soins du dos. Les spécialistes volontaire arriveront par avion pour traiter des patients ayant  une  pathologie sérieuse du dos.

Le SDM est une organisation à but non lucratif et caritatif enregistrée aux USA, ayant un soutien international  pluridisciplinaire. Le projet a reçu le soutien de l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé au travers de la “Bone and Joint Decade”. Les centres de collaboration sont le Collège de chiropratique  Palmer et le Collège  Chiropratique de Toronto. Le réferant pour la BJD est le docteur Deborah Kopansky-Giles, La FMC  et le CMCC;ainsi que Le docteur Molly Robinson pour l’OMS . LE SDM achève actuellement une étude de faisabilité pour son premier pays proposé : le Botswana.

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Haldeman Biography

The Legacy of Scott Haldeman (600 pages, hardbound with CD-Rom with audio/video lectures and interviews), authored by Dr. Reed Phillips and published by NCMIC, is  now available.

Toute personne vraiment intéressé par la chiropratique, son histoire ou son avenir désirant à savoir plus sur la vie fascinante de Scott Haldeman: ses défis et triomphes grandissant en Afrique du Sud comme le fils et le petit-fils de chiropraticiens, recevant une formation au Collège Palmer ( USA), continuant ensuite son développement professionnel en Afrique du Sud, le Canada et les États-Unis jusqu'à la reconnaissance internationalement de son autorité dans la gestion conservatrice des douleursliées aux problèmes de dos. 


Go to http://www.frontofficellc.com/haldeman.html



Ouverture de nouveaux collèges

Octobre 2009

IMU Campus

Dr. Michael Haneline

La Malaisie va devenir le dernier pays à introduire l'enseignement chiropratique avec la première promotion d'étudiants en Mars prochain à l'université médicale internationale à Kuala Lumpur. le Dr Michael Haneline, un ancien membre du corps professoral à Palmer West à San Jose, en Californie en sera le Responsable.

Pendant ce temps ,des établissements chiropratiques ont ouvert leurs portes aux étudiants du Mexique et d’ Espagne - en Septembre à l'Universidad Estatal del Valle de Toluca, près de Mexico, et ce mois-ci au Collège of Chiropractic de Barcelone.

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