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WFC Athens Congress – A Huge Success! June 2015

June 2015

The 13th Biennial Congress of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) was held jointly with the 2015 Annual Convention of the European Chiropractors Union (ECU) at the Athens Hilton Hotel in Greece from May 10-16. It was hosted by the Hellenic Chiropractors’ Association, attracted over 900 delegates from 50 countries, and was the largest chiropractic conference ever held in Europe.

The meeting brought the chiropractic profession home to its Greek roots – the language that gave DD Palmer the word chiropractic, and the country that championed spinal manipulation and natural healthcare in the classical era.

“This was my first WFC Congress,” said Dr Anthony Hamm, President of the American Chiropractic Association, “and everything about it was outstanding, highly motivating, and beyond my expectations. This included the quality of the academic and social programs, the exposure to colleagues from throughout the world, and the overall optimism and enthusiasm for chiropractic and its future.”

The Congress began with a 2-day WFC Assembly which featured country reports from all world regions and a keynote John A. Sweaney Lecture from Dr Vivian Kil, an impressive young leader from the Netherlands who endorsed and expanded upon the vision of primary spine care excellence given earlier this year by Dr Scott Haldeman in his McAndrews Lecture in the USA.

The four well-received speakers for the discussion forum, this year on the role of traditional chiropractic language in practice today, were Dr Philip McMaster, President, New Zealand College of  Chiropractic, Dr Mark Gurden of the UK, Dr Amy Bowzaylo of Bahrain and Dr Carol Mwendwa of Kenya.  Dr Mwendwa challenged the profession and the WFC to produce agreed definitions of core chiropractic terms such as adjustment and subluxation.

    Vivian Kil web                      Forum speakers
Dr Vivian Kil delivers the John A Sweaney Lecture             Forum speakers (from right) Dr Carol Mwendwa, Dr Phil McMaster,
                                                                                                                         Dr Mark Gurden and Dr Amy Bowzaylo

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WFC/ACC Education Conference. Miami, Florida, October 29 - November 1, 2014

November 2014 WFC ACC logo

Top Policy Advisers at WFC ACC Conference

Brian McAulay 
ACC President Dr Brian McAulay
opens the conference

Delegates at a high-powered conference held in Miami October 29 – November 1 on the opportunities for chiropractic in changing healthcare systems in the USA and internationally, heard that chiropractic was well-positioned for substantial growth.

This would depend, delegates were told by experts, upon whether doctors of chiropractic could deliver superior patient results and satisfaction at a competitive cost in the prevention and management of common neuromusculoskeletal disorders.  Increasingly, health systems are requiring and rewarding delivery of value, rather than paying attention to the professional designation of the provider.  This provides new opportunity for chiropractors.

The theme of the conference, held by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) and Association of Chiropractic Colleges (ACC) and jointly hosted by the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) and International Chiropractors’ Association (ICA), was Chiropractic Education for a Changing Healthcare Environment.


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WFC Talking Points on AHA Scientific Statement on CMT and Cervical Artery Dissection. August 2014

August 2014

A Scientific Statement titled Cervical Artery Dissections and Association with Cervical Manipulative Therapy for neurologists and other health professionals, written by Biller, Sacco et al. on behalf of the American Heart Association Stroke Council, was published online in the AHA’s journal Stroke on August 7 and may be found here.  There are a number of concerns with the statement, including the overall concern that it focuses on cervical manipulative therapy (CMT) when this is only one of many trivial movements/activities that have been associated with cervical artery dissection (CD).  

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Dr Richard Brown le Futur Secrétaire Général de la FMC

11 juin 2014

Richard Brown 2013b small
La Fédération Mondiale de Chiropratique (FMC) a le privilège de vous annoncer la nomination du Dr. Richard Brown de Stroud, Gloucestershire d’Angleterre, comme le futur Secrétaire Général de la FMC avec prise de fonction le  1er juillet 2015. Il succédera à Mr. David Chapman-Smith, qui prendra sa retraite et qui assurera une période de transition jusqu’en juin 2016.

Dr Brown, qui prendra ses quartiers au Canada afin d’assumer pleinement ses fonctions, est diplômé de l’AECC en 1990 ; ce dernier est titulaire d’un Master en droit de l’Université de Cardiff. De 2009 à 2013 il fut président de la BCA tout en  ayant la responsabilité du poste de Secrétaire Général de l’ECU. Dr Brown a aussi une expérience académique comme intervenant, tant à l’AECC que Glamorgan .Il fut aussi membre du conseil d’administration de l’AECC de 2006 à 2011 ainsi que Secrétaire Général de l’Académie Européenne de chiropratique.
Dr Brown a exercé en cabinet libéral durant 24 ans, depuis 1999 il dirige un cabinet multidisciplinaire à Stroud. Il fut l’un des chiropracteurs ayant intégré  l’équipe médicale de la polyclinique des JO 2012 de Londres. Il a aussi une expérience dans le domaine des litiges en responsabilité professionnelle, combinant ainsi son expérience chiropratique et sa formation de juriste.
Ces dernières années, Dr Brown est reconnu comme l’un des jeunes leaders de la profession, souvent invité comme intervenant dans de nombreux pays .

«  Nous sommes honorés qu’une personne ayant un tempérament de battant comme Dr. Brown apporte son expérience pour les prochaines années à venir au sein de la FMC » , souligne le Dr Greg Stewart , président de la FMC – Canada. «  C’est à l’unanimité que Dr Brown fut retenu parmi 5 talentueux candidats auditionnés par la FMC ».

David Chapman-Smith, Secrétaire Général en titre actuellement, mentionne que « Je vois en Richard les qualités nécessaires dont la FMC pouvait se prévaloir  et j’espère que mon successeurs saura les mettre en valeur. C’est un homme de situation aux talents multiples, au service de la profession, orateur de qualité ayant une bonne connaissance de la situation internationale de la profession et dont il saura guider les orientations.>

Dr Brown est marié et a deux filles. C’est un fan de football combinant son enthousiasme en soignant deux équipes de ligue anglaise. Il adore écrire mais est aussi un motard passionné. Afin de préparer son déménagement, il vient de vendre son cabinet.

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Dr Greg Stewart Elected WFC President

June 10, 2014

Greg Stewart web

The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) is pleased to announce that Dr Gregory B Stewart of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada was elected President for a 2-year term at the WFC Executive Council Meeting held last month in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He succeeds Dr Dennis Richards of Australia, now Past President.

Dr Stewart, who received a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Manitoba (1982), graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic (cum laude) from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto in 1986. He has been in fulltime private practice in Winnipeg, Manitoba since that time, and has served on many provincial and national chiropractic committees since 1990. These include committees on the identity of the profession, government relations, ethics, communications, interprofessional collaboration, chiropractic legislation, third party and government service negotiations, clinical practice guidelines and research.

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ACF Publishes First Newsletter

October 2013

Cover -ACF-Newsletter-1 web

The African Chiropractic Federation (ACF), representing national associations of chiropractors in Africa and newly formed at the WFC Congress in Durban last April, has now published its first newsletter, which may be read here.

Items include biographies of African chiropractors in several countries, news stories, and notice of the first Annual Meeting and Seminar to be held in Nairobi, Kenya from April 3-5, 2014.  Keynote speakers are Drs Francis Murphy and Brian McAulay, generously sponsored by Parker University.

Congratulations to ACF News editors Drs Praveena Maharaj, South Africa, and Neera Sharma Maini of Kenya.


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