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Governance and Policies


1. Principles of governance for WFC office holders

2. Duty of Care to WFC Office Holders and Volunteers

3. Role and Responsibilities of WFC Council Members

4. Research Committee Terms of Reference

5. Public Health Committee Terms of Reference

6. Disability and Rehabilitation Committee

7. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

8. Conflict of Interest Policy

9. Rights and Responsibilities of Constituent Members

The Chiropractic Profession

Use of the Title Chiropractor (2001, amended 2003)

General Dictionary Definition of Chiropractic (1999)

Use of Prescription Drugs (1999)

Use of Diagnostic Imaging in Chiropractic Practice (1991)

International Protocols - Chiropractic

Non-interference and Respect for National Authority (1999)

International Charter for the Introduction of Chiropractic Education (1997, amended 2001)
This policy relates primarily to activities by chiropractic colleges and their faculty members, but is also relevant to individual chiropractors providing education in another country.

Communication Protocols on Education and Research (1995)
This policy relates to all educational and research initiatives planned by chiropractic colleges, organizations or individuals from one country for performance in another country.

Notificiation of International Projects (1991)

Courses by Chiropractors for Non-chiropractors in Joint Adjustment and in Clinical Skills except Joint Adjustment
This policy relates to all clinical education provided by duly qualified chiropractors.

Public Health and Miscellaneous Issues

Position Statement - Chiropractors support and promote healthy diet and nutrition (2023)

Position Statement - Chiropractors support strategies for the prevention and rehabilitation of unintentional injuries (2023)

Position Statement - Chiropractors support and promote prevention and cessation of tobacco and nicotine use (2023)

Position Statement - Core elements of chiropractic health care, health promotion, and public health practices (2022)

Position statement - Chiropractors support and promote physical activity (2022)

Position statement - Claims of effectiveness, cure or prevention made by chiropractors (2021)

Position statement - Support of globally and scientifically accepted healthcare practices by chiropractors  (2021)

Resolution on Observer Status  for Taiwan at the WHO and Related Matters (2005)


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