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WFC World Spine Day Competition 2018

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October 16, every year, is World Spine Day.
This year we're encouraging everyone to Love Your Spine!

Spinal disorders are amongst the leading causes of disability. When people cannot move or get around properly, it impacts on their quality of life, their ability to work and their relationships with those around them. In some countries, it can stop people being able to earn a living so that they can feed their families.
World Spine Day raises awareness of spinal disorders. This year, our goal is to inform, educate and inspire people of all ages to prevent spine pain and disability by taking good care of themselves with the message of #LoveYourSpine.
Prepare now and raise awareness of the importance of spinal health in your community with creative projects for your clinics, schools, offices, communities and neighbors.
Go to the World Spine Day website at www.worldspineday.org to register your clinic, association or educational institution as a supporter of World Spine Day. Patients, the media and the public will be expecting chiropractors, as spinal health experts, to be taking an active role.
Get involved for a chance to WIN!

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Here at the WFC, we want to hear how you have celebrated World Spine Day in your local community. Whether you're an individual chiropractor, clinic, organization, society, educational institution or student group, tell us what you've done to make an impact on World Spine Day.
We will be recognizing the best projects and activities, so be sure to take plenty of photographs when you share your stories with us.
There are 5 prizes to be won:
Professional associations
First prize: US$600
Runner up: US$300
Educational institutions
First prize: US$600
Runner up: US$300
balloonsClinic/individual practitioner
Best entry: US$500
Send in your competition entries by November 16, 2018 to Sarah Villarba at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Winners will be featured in the January 1 issue of the WFC Quarterly World Report.


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Enjoy and share with friends & colleagues!
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