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Disability and Rehabilitation Committee

 Terms of Reference

Joint Statement - World Health Day - Rehabilitation

  Dr Ellen Aartun MSc, PhD (Norway)
Chiropractor, Epidemiologist, Researcher
  Professor Marco Campelo PT, PhD (USA)
Physiotherapist, DIrector,Occupational and Industrial Orthopedic
Centre, New York University
  Dr Carolina Cancelliere (Canada)
Clinical Epidemiologist
CCRF Research Chair in Knowledge Translation
Faculty of Health Sciences, UOIT
UOIT-CMCC Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation
  Dr Christine Cedreshi PhD (Switzerland)
Clinical Psychologist, Department of Internal Medicine and
Rehabilitation, University Hospital of Geneva
  Sister Anne Marie Diahoua DC, MSc (Congo)
Chiropractor, Polio Center of Moungali, Brazzaville
  Dr Cesar Hincapié DC PhD (Switzerland)
Scientist – Group Leader Clinical Epidemiology
Department of Chiropractic Medicine | Faculty of Medicine
University of Zurich and Balgrist University Hospital
  Dr Ismat Kanga DC, MPH (India/Canada)
Chiropractor, Health Canada, Tobacco Control DIrectorate
  Professor Margareta Nordin DrMedSc, PT (France)
Physiotherapist, President, EuroSpine, Professor Research
Departments, Orthopedic Surgery and Environmental Medicine
  Dr David Parish DC, MS(USA)
Chiropractor, Associate Dean (Clinical Care), Logan University
  Dr Philippe Prétalet DC (France)
  Dr Heather Shearer DC, MSc (Canada)
Chiropractor, Clinical Epidemiologist
  Dr Mette Jensen Stochkendahl MSc, PhD (Denmark)
Chiropractor, Associate Professor, Senior Researcher, University of Southern Denmark
  Dr Mana Rezai DC, MSc (Canada)
Chiropractor, Epidemiologist, University of Toronto
  Ms Paola Torres BA, MSc (Chile)
Physiotherapist,Private Practice, Santiago
  Dr Peter Tuchin BSc, GradDipChiro, PhD (Australia)
Chiropractor, Private Practice, Associate Professor, Macquarie University, Sydney
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