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withbabyFeaturing renowned chiropractic pediatric expert Dr Elise Hewitt DC, DICCP, FICC

Dr Elise Hewitt is an internationally-recognized speaker, author and leader in the specialist field of chiropractic pediatrics. Her unique combination of clinical knowledge, dynamic presenting style and unique experience make her an outstanding speaker.

This 12-hour seminar program will teach doctors of chiropractic the basics of assessing, diagnosing, and adjusting babies and young children.

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The program will cover elements that will allow the doctor of chiropractic to:

1. Summarize the evidence regarding the safety of chiropractic pediatric manipulation.
2. Describe the differences between the pediatric and the adult spine.
3. Discuss the etiology of joint dysfunction in children.
4. Describe unique aspects of history taking for young children.
5. Perform examination techniques unique to the pediatric patient.
6. Assess tone and cranial nerve function in the newborn.
7. Evaluate primitive and postural reflexes in infants.
8. Recognize red flags in the pediatric history and examination.
9. Demonstrate modifications made when adjusting a child compared to an adult.
10. Be comfortable and effective when adjusting pediatric patients.

ehewitt captionedThis seminar will teach the doctor of chiropractic all the basics needed to feel comfortable examining, diagnosing and adjusting babies and young children.

The class will begin with background information regarding when and why children may need to be adjusted, and what the literature says about both the safety and effectiveness of spinal adjusting in children.

Dr. Hewitt will teach doctors of chiropractic the subtleties of taking a complete history and performing a physical examination, with particular emphasis on young children. Included will be a thorough discussion of the neurological evaluation of newborns and infants, including assessment of cranial nerves, deep tendon reflexes, tone, and primitive and postural reflexes. Dr. Hewitt will also discuss red flags in the history and examination, as well as indications for imaging.

The technique portion of the class will explain what’s unique about the pediatric spine and how to modify technique for the pediatric patient. Using video clips of actual treatment sessions, Dr. Hewitt will demonstrate manual techniques for adjusting the full spine, region-by-region, providing technique modifications for different age groups.

Throughout her presentation, Dr. Hewitt will pepper her instruction with clinical pearls from her 30 years of experience in pediatric practice.

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Early Registration (up to March 30, 2018) US$ 160
Regular Registration (from March 31, 2018)      195
Students Early Bird   100
Students Regular (from March 31, 2018)        125

Due to limited space numbers are restricted, so reserve your place quickly to avoid disappointment.

Registration covers all working sessions of the seminar, refreshment breaks and lunch.

Cancellation policy:
All approved refunds will be issued after the Seminar.
Refunds will not be given for cancellations received after January 15, 2018.
We regret that cancellations after January 15, 2018 will be subject to a 25% administration charge.

For all registration enquiries, please contact:
Khalid Salim
160 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto, Ontario, M4P 3B5
Tel: +1 416 484 9978 ext 203
Fax: +1 416 484 9665
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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