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WFC Board of Directors

African Region
Kendrah da Silva, DC
South Africa

DSC 9695 Kendrah da Silva web


North American Region
John Maltby, DC
United States of America

DSC 9547 John Maltby web

Asian Region
Kei Takeyachi, DC
Japan (Secretary-Treasurer)

DSC 9741 Kei Takeyachi web


North American Region
Michele Maiers, DC MPH
United States of America (Vice-President) 

DSC 9712 Michele Maiers web

Eastern Mediterranean Region
Efstathios Papadopoulos, DC
Cyprus (Past President)

DSC 9557 Stathis Papadopoulos web


North American Region
Holly Tucker, DC 
United States of America

DSC 9621 Holly Tucker web 

European Region
Gian Joerger, DC

DSC 9683 Gian Joerger web


Pacific Region
Andrew Lawrence, DC

Andrew Lawrence web 

European Region
Vivian Kil, DC
Netherlands (Immediate Past President)

DSC 9659 Vivian Kil web


Pacific Region
Corrian Poelsma, DC
New Zealand

DSC 9704 Corrian Poelsma web

Latin American Region
Carlos Ayres, DC
Peru (President) 

DSC 9564 Carlos Ayres web


WFC Secretary-General
Richard Brown, DC, LL.M







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