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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Important information includes whether or not you need a licence to practice and whether or not you qualify for immigration or a work permit. Rules on these matters change so frequently that the WFC cannot provide an accurate database. You need to consult the country in question.

Go to About Chiropractic/Legal Status at this website to see which countries have laws to regulate the practice of chiropractic. Go to Contacts to find the WFC member association contact for each country. Google relevant search words for helpful websites – i.e. chiropractic, chiropractic association, chiropractic laws, chiropractic regulation.

Many WFC member association websites have contact information for their individual members. All of these are graduates of recognized/accredited schools of chiropractic. In Europe see also the website of the European Chiropractors Union www.ecunion.eu and in Latin America the website of the Latin American Federation of Chiropractors www.flaq.org.

There are approximately 100,000 duly qualified doctors of chiropractic/chiropractors in the WFC’s 88 member countries. Some countries (e.g. Brazil, Germany, Japan) have no laws regulating who can practice as chiropractors and have many unqualified persons claiming to be chiropractors.

For exact information on specific countries click here for the country association contact.

Approximate 2015 numbers are:
65,000 USA
8,300 Canada
4,845 Australia
3,013 UK
800 Brazil, France, Japan, Sweden
750 Norway
700 Denmark
600 South Africa
500-100 Belgium, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Spain, and Switzerland
100-50 Argentina, Chile, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong SAR China, Iran, Singapore
Under 50 Other countries

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