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Lista de Miembros Individuales

As of August 24, 2009

Diamond – US$1,000

Toshifumi Kuwaoka – Japan
Silver – US$500

Christoph Diem, DC – Switzerland
David Chapman-Smith – Canada
Gary Jacob, DC, LAc, MPH, Dip MDT – USA
Gerard W. Clum, DC - USA
J. Michael Flynn, DC - USA
Rocco Guerriero, DC - Canada
Scott Haldeman, DC, MD, PhD - USA

Bronze – US$180

Agostino Villani, DC - USA
Anthony Metcalfe, DC - United Kingdom
Anthony Wai Yuen Fong, DC - Singapore
Arne G. Pelto, DC - USA
Beat Stoller, DC – Switzerland
Brent McNabb, DC - USA
Brian T. Short, DC - USA
Bruce Aldrich, DC - USA
Bruce Vaughan, DC - PRC
Bruce Weary, DC - USA
Catherine Luib, DC - USA
Charlton Locke, DC - Canada
Chris Neethling, DC - South Africa
Colin Brice, DC - Australia
Daniel Michalec, DC - USA
David Eisenberg, DC - USA
Dean A. Bender, DC - USA
Deborah Kopansky-Giles, DC - Canada
Dennis Mizel, DC - Canada
Dennis Richards, DC - Australia
Donald & Meredith Henderson, DCs - Canada
Donald J. Krippendorf, DC - USA
Donald R. Murphy, DC - USA
Doug Mallett, DC - Canada
Douglas Brown, DC - Canada
Douglas Niewald, DC - United Kingdom
Hussein El Sangak, DC, MD - USA
Evergisto Souto Maior Lopes, DC - Brazil
Gary Auerbach, DC - USA
George Le Beau, DC - USA

Glenda Wiese, PhD – USA
Glenn Manceaux, DC - USA
Gordan & Susan Gillis-Lawson, DCs - Canada
Greg & Meredith Bakke, DCs - USA
Gregory M. Culbert, DC - USA
Gregory Stewart, DC - Canada
Guy Karcher, DC - USA
Heini Kohler, DC - Switzerland
Hiroaki Takeyachi, DC, MD, PhD - Japan
Howard Fidler, DC - USA
Inger F. Villadsen, DC-Australia
J. David Cassidy, DC, PhD - Canada
J. Donald Dishman, DC - USA
James Powell, DC - USA
James Smith, DC, MA – USA
Jan Kempe, DC - Canada
Janet Ruth Sosna, DC - Singapore
Jean Moss, DC, MBA - Canada
Jeff Fricke, DC - USA
Jerry Ray Willis, DC - USA
John A. Sweaney, DC - Australia
John C. Willis, DC - USA
John DeMatte III, DC – USA
John Hobson, DC - Australia
John K. Hyland, DC, MPH - USA
John W. Hall, DC - Canada
John Wong, DC - USA
Jon C. Gatten, DC – Canada
Jonathan Griffiths, DC - USA
Joseph Ierano, DC - Australia
Juan Carlos Vazquez, DC - USA
Julie Bryant, DC – USA
Karen Shields, DC – USA
Kazuyoshi Takeyachi, DC - Japan
Kerwin Winkler, DC - USA
Kevin Mahoney, DC - Canada
Khalid Almasmari, DC - USA
Leonard Faye, DC - USA
Liat Bearden, DC – USA
Lewis J. Bazakos, DC - USA
Lloyd Taylor, DC – Canada
Louis Sportelli, DC - USA
Lucy Macnaught, DC - Australia
Luigi Mattera, DC - Monaco
Man Ho William Wan, DC - PRC
Markus Fechler, DC - Germany
Martin Alpert, DC, MS - USA
Martin Lapointe, DC - Canada
Matthew Givrad, PhD - USA
Maureen Henderson, DC - Canada
Michael Boulattouf, DC - Australia
Michael Copland-Griffiths, DC - UK
Michael K. Taylor, DC, DABC - USA
Michael Noonan, DC – USA
Michael Perusich, DC - USA
Michal Syrocki, DC - Spain
Michel Tetrault, DC – Canada
Miyako Sakurai, DC - Japan
Monica Smith, DC, PhD - USA
Morgan Hubbel, DC - Canada
Nobuyoshi Takeyachi, DC - Japan
P. Reginald Hug, DC - USA
Paul Carey, DC - Canada
Paul Staerker, DC - Australia
Phillip Donato, DC – Australia
R. Graham Hunt, AM, DC, FICC, FACC - Malaysia
Rand Baird, DC, MPH - USA
Rebecca Birch-Blessing, DC - USA
Richard Broeg, DC – USA
Richard Bruns, DC - USA
Richard Frank Gorman, DC - Australia
Richard J. Tesoriero, DC - USA
Rick McMichael, DC - USA
Robert Gevers, DC - Spain
Robert Haig, DC - Canada
Robert Hasegawa, DC – Canada
Ross Royster, DC – USA
Rupert Molloy, DC - United Kingdom
SACA – Cleveland Chiropractic College, Kansas City – USA
SACA – Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles – USA
SACA – D' Youville College – USA
SACA – Life University - Georgia - USA
SACA – Logan College of Chiropractic – USA
SACA – National University of Health Sciences - USA
SACA – New York Chiropractic College - USA
SACA – Northwestern Health Sciences University - USA
SACA – Palmer College of Chiropractic – USA
SACA – Palmer College of Chiropractic, West – USA
SACA – Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida – USA
SACA – Parker College of Chiropractic – USA
SACA – Southern California University of Health Sciences – USA
SACA – Texas Chiropractic College – USA
SACA – University of Bridgeport, College of Chiropractic – USA
SACA – Western States Chiropractic College - USA
Scott Bautch, DC - USA
Sharon Vallone, DC, DICCP – USA
Sira Borges, DC, MD - Brazil
Stephan Cooper, DC - Canada
Stuart & Leonie Craig, DCs - New Zealand
Thomas Cole, DC, FICC - Australia
Toni Hamilton, DC - Australia
Victor Helo, DC – USA
Vincent Lucido, DC - USA
Wayne Wolfson, DC - USA
Wilbour Kelsick, DC - Canada
William E. Morgan, DC - USA
William Ellender, DC - USA
William M. Austin, DC - USA
William Ruch, DC - USA

If you are an associate member and your name is missing, or incorrect, in any way, please forward corrections to the WFC at Esta dirección electrónica esta protegida contra spambots. Es necesario activar Javascript para visualizarla and accept our apologies.
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