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Individual Diamond - US$1000
Paul Staerker, DC - Australia

Individual Gold - US$750

Eric Chun Pu Chu, DC - Hong Kong

Individual Silver – US$500
Boo Gordon Kuo Tuan, DC - Malaysia
Doggett William, DC - USA
Guerriero Rocco, DC - Canada
Haldeman Scott, DC, MD, PhD - USA
Kuwaoka Toshifumi, Mr. - Japan
Whitman Larry, DC - Australia

Individual Bronze – US$180
Abouassi Haifa, DC - Lebanon
Anderson Kris, DC - USA
Adra Tarek, DC - USA
Aldrich Bruce, DC - USA
Auerbach Gary, DC - USA
Aymon Michel, DC - Switzerland
Baird Rand, DC, MPH - USA
Bair-Patel, Nikhil, DC - Canada
Bakke Gregg and Meredith, DC - USA
Borges Sira, DC, MD - Brazil
Brackenbury Wade, DC - Vietnam
Broeg Richard, DC - USA
Bruns Richard, DC - USA
Bueno Paulo, DC - Brazil
Carey Paul, DC - Canada
Carter Catherine, DC - Canada
Chapman-Smith David, Mr. - Canada
Chen Alex, DC - China
Clum Gerard, DC - USA
Clyde Pooke, Hayden - Malaysia
Conley, Todd, DC - USA
Craig Stuart and Leonie, DC - New Zealand
Culbert Gregory M., DC - USA
Ditmeyer Dennis, DC - Bolivia
Donato Phillip, DC - Australia
Doucet Chantal, DC - Canada
El-Ganainy Khaled, DC - USA
El Sangak Hussein, DC, MD - USA
El Sangak Omar, DC, MD - Egypt
Engelbrecht Reg, DC - South Africa
Enix Dennis, DC - USA
Errington Timothy, DC - Singapore
Faye Leonard, DC - USA
Fong Anthony, DC - Singapore
Fransson Martin, DC - Sweden
Green Bart, DC - USA
Greenwood Dean, DC - Canada
Haig Robert, DC - Canada
Hall Michael & Cara, DC - USA
Heese Glen - USA
Heng Mok Pheng, Mr. - Singapore
Hunt Ronald Graham, DC - Malaysia
Hyland John K., DC, MPH - USA
Johannessen Espen, DC - Norway
Johnson Claire, DC - USA
Kalla Will, DC - Singapore

Kelsick Wilbour, DC - Canada
Kempe Jan, DC - Canada
Kil Vivian, DC - Netherland
Koebisch Peter, DC - Canada
Kohler Heini, DC - Switzerland
Lepien Rose, DC - USA
Ling Kok Keng, DC - Singapore
Lothe Lise, DC - Norway
Maalouf Giorgio, DC - Sweden
Mahoney Kevin, DC - Canada
Mallett Doug, DC - Canada
McMichael Rick, DC - USA
McNabb Brent, DC - USA
Metcalfe Anthony, DC - UK
Moore Craig, DC - Australia
Moss Jean, DC, MBA - Canada
Murphy Donald R., DC - USA
Nab John C., DC - USA
Napuli Jason, DC, MBA - USA
Papadopoulos Stathis, DC - Cyprus
Pick Jacqueline, DC - USA
Powell James, DC - USA
Ramos F. Maldonado, DC - Spain
Raven Tim, DC - Norway
Roga Sandy, DC - Aruba
Royster Ross, DC - USA
Sosna Janet Ruth, DC - Singapore
Sportelli Louis, DC - USA
Stewart Gregory, DC - Canada
Sweaney John, DC - Australia
Takeyachi Kei, DC - Japan
Tao Cliff, DC, DACBR - USA
Taylor Michael K., DC, DABCI – USA
Thomson Keith, DC - Canada
Tonner Gitte, DC - Netherlands
Truuvaart Gerly, DC - Estonia
Tuck Nathaniel, DC - USA
Vallone Sharon, DC, DICCP - USA
Vaughan Bruce, DC – PRC
Villadsen Inger F., DC - Australia
Wiles Michael, DC - USA
Wilkinson, Edward Lloyd, DC - China
Williams John, DC - Italy
Wills Daryl, DC - USA
Wolfson Wayne, DC - USA
Wong John, DC - USA
Zaremba-Woods Scott, DC - USA
Students US$ 50
Christopher Ristuccia - USA

Halfman Cael - USA
Jeha Kadie - Canada
Knieper Matthew - USA
Madigan Dana - USA
Merritt Jillian - USA


If you are an individual supporter and your name is missing, or incorrect, in any way, please forward corrections to the WFC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and accept our apologies.

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