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WFC Events

One of the primary roles of the WFC is to host events which inform and educate, bringing associations, educational institutions and individual practitioners together to celebrate the growing presence of the profession as it develops globally. Our meetings have become progressively more recognized in the profession and we are continuously drawing a growing number of participants. Please visit the Events section of this website to view our upcoming meetings and plan to attend.

Associate Members

We are grateful for the ongoing support from our Corporate Associate Members who consistently display our logo at shows and exhibitions all over the globe. If you are an Associate Member and would like a copy of our logo to use while at such shows, please contact Rand Baird at DrRandBaird@yahoo.com. If your photo has been taken in relation to any shows listed here and is not shown, please contact Sarah Yabut at syabut@wfc.org and we'll post it as soon as possible!

Other Photos

This section of the photo gallery holds images and photos related to the WFC, however not categorized as 'WFC Events" or "Associate Members". The WFC is always open to receiving more content for this area of the photo gallery, if you have applicable images, please contact Sarah Yabut at syabut@wfc.org to submit your photo gallery additions. See pictures of our staff, our colleagues and our upcoming meeting venues.

Forthcoming Events

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WFC Supporters

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