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Chiropractors Against Tobacco

Chiropractors Against Tobacco

WFC’s Anti-tobacco Campaign — Chiropractors Against Tobacco (CAT) — and the Role of You and Your Association

At the WFC’s Assembly in Orlando, Florida, April 29-30, 2003, the membership reviewed and approved the WFC’s proposed Chiropractors Against Tobacco Campaign (CAT campaign) and:

  1. Passed two resolutions, the first supporting the Tobacco-Free Initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the second encouraging all chiropractors and their associations to participate in the CAT campaign by taking recommended action steps with patients and in their own lives.
  2. Endorsed the following documents:

a. Information brochure for chiropractors. This:

  • Explains why the CAT campaign is important, both as a public health issue and for you as a practising chiropractor and the chiropractic profession.
  • Recommends practical steps to be taken by you in your practice — including 3 questions to be asked in new patient histories.
  • Gives the best web sites for further information.

b. Patient brochure. Titled You, Your Family, Your Health, this gives valuable advice about tobacco use, quitting and the health hazards of second-hand smoke.

c. Anti-smoking posters. There are three posters. The first two feature different versions of a child and has a second-hand smoke message (soft tone)  -  Child 1, Child 2.  The Third poster features a bullet/cigarette (a harder message). Take your choice and download.

All these posters are available in the WFC's three official languages of  English, French and Spanish. Member associations can also obtain posters with their own logo and language(s) — see below.

The WFC wishes to acknowledge and thank Life University and Palmer University and the members of the WFC’s Public Health Committee for their assistance in the development of the above material.

Why should chiropractors be involved in this?

There are several good reasons why the WFC and the chiropractic profession should support WHO on this important public health issue. These include:

  • Public health importance. Tobacco use is the largest cause of avoidable morbidity and mortality and many people are not aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke.
  • Congruency with chiropractic principles. This is a natural public health issue for chiropractors given chiropractic principles which include drug-free approach to life and health promotion.
  • Significance for chiropractic patients. Apart from general health issues, there is a documented relationship between smoking and low-back pain, and children consistently exposed to second-hand smoke are 50% more likely to suffer lung injury and encounter breathing problems such as asthma.
  • Duty as primary health care practitioners. Primary health care practitioners have a duty to alert patients to major public health concerns relevant to them and their families.
  • Enhancing doctor/patient relationship. Concern about tobacco use will enhance patient care and trust because tobacco use is not directly related to a chiropractor’s professional interest and has a direct impact on the health of patients and their families.

Anyone reading this is encouraged to download and use the brochures and posters, and visit the web sites given.

Action steps by member associations

The WFC will send member associations sample posters upon request, and with the generous support of Palmer University can arrange for you to receive final camera-ready artwork for posters carrying your own logo and with your own language(s) if that is what you would like. The WFC invites member associations to take these steps:

  1. Forward this notice to your members. Please forward this notice to your members with the recommendation that they review the WFC’s web site materials and take steps in their offices to participate in this public health campaign. At the same time, please copy the WFC with that communication.
  2. Request sample poster. If you would like 2 free samples of each of the anti-smoking posters mailed to your association, send an e-mail request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Please confirm the name and the mailing address to which the posters should be sent.
  3. Order additional posters. The posters, as you will see, carries the logos of Palmer University and the WFC. The following are your options should you wish to have a supply of posters for use by your association and members in chiropractors’ offices and/or other work sites, schools, public libraries, etc:
  4. Ordering posters as presently printed. For associations with less than 10 members, up to 20 posters are available without charge. For larger orders and all other associations, posters are available at actual cost of airmail postage (in a cardboard tube). Just:
    • E-mail your order, with VISA or MasterCard credit card details (number, expiry date and name).
    • For any charges over US$20 you will be advised of the proposed charge and given an opportunity to confirm your order before the credit card is billed.
    • If you wish to have delivery other than by airmail, please advise.
  5. Posters with your language(s) and/or logo. All posters will carry the WFC logo, but Palmer University has generously agreed to amend the artwork to replace its logo with the logo of your association. If requested and if supplied with an appropriate computer file. Further, on the child/second hand smoke poster which has text, that text can be replaced with your language or languages should you prefer. You will then be provided, at no cost, with a final computer file with the amended artwork. Posters would then be printed by you in your country at your cost. If you choose this option:
    • Please choose which poster or posters your association wishes to use.
    • Advise the WFC, and forward your logo (as either a “jpeg” or “tiff” image or as an Illustrator or Photoshop file) and (where appropriate) the correct translation of the poster text. This should be sent to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and please note, should be in Word format.
    • The WFC will then forward this computer file to Palmer University, then later forward you the amended computer file when this is received from Palmer.
  6. Pass policy on tobacco. The WFC encourages all its member associations to pass a policy on tobacco in similar terms to that adopted at the WFC’s 7th Biennial Assembly in Orlando. Just replace the name of the WFC with the name of your association. That policy can be viewed by clicking here.
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