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World Spine Care

December 2009 (Translation not available at this time)

This month the WFC Council has voted to endorse World Spine Care (WSC), a visionary new project led by Dr. Scott Haldeman, Chair, WFC Research Council, which has the goal of helping people in underprivileged regions of the world who suffer from health problems related to the spine. WSC will recruit volunteer health care professionals including chiropractors, physicians and physical therapists to provide core spine care. Volunteer specialists will fly in to deal with patients referred with serious spinal pathology.

WSC, which is a charitable non-profit organization registered in the USA, has multidisciplinary leadership, strong corporate support and is supported by the World Health Organization through the Bone and Joint Decade. Collaborating centers are Palmer College and the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. BJD Liaison is Dr. Deborah Kopansky-Giles, WFC Council and CMCC, and WHO Liaison is Dr. Molly Robinson. WSC is currently completing a feasibility study for its first proposed country – Botswana.

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Haldeman Biography

The Legacy of Scott Haldeman (600 pages, hardbound with CD-Rom with audio/video lectures and interviews), authored by Dr. Reed Phillips and published by NCMIC, is  now available.

Anyone truly interested in chiropractic, its history or its future will want to have this fascinating account of Scott Haldeman’s life – his challenges and triumphs growing up in South Africa as the son and grandson of chiropractors, training at Palmer College, then continuing his professional development in South Africa, Canada and the United States until being recognized internationally as a foremost authority on the conservative management of spinal pain.


Go to http://www.frontofficellc.com/haldeman.html



Apertura de Nuevas Facultades

Octubre de 2009

Campus de la IMU

Dr. Michael Haneline

Malasia se convertirá en el último país en introducir la educación quiropráctica, el primer grupo de alumnos comenzará el próximo mes de marzo en la Universidad Internacional de Medicina (International Medical University – IMU) en Kuala Lumpur. El Jefe de Estudios de Quiropráctica es el Dr. Michael Haneline, antiguamente miembro del profesorado de Palmer West en San José, California.

Mientras tanto, en México y España una segunda facultad de quiropráctica ha abierto sus puertas – en septiembre en la Universidad Estatal del Valle de Toluca cerca de México DF y este mes en Barcelona, el Barcelona Chiropractic College.

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Servicios Quiroprácticos en los Juegos Mundiales de Taiwán

Septiembre de 2009

Ceremonia de Inauguración

Dra. Jackie Huang

Durante 10 días, la Dra. Jackie Huang de Kaohsiung original de Taiwán, fue una integrante más del equipo de 28 quiroprácticos de la Federación Internacional de Quiropráctica Deportiva (FICS), sirviendo a más de 5000 deportistas de 103 países en los 8º Juegos Mundiales celebrados en su ciudad natal. Los Juegos Mundiales, parte del movimiento Olímpico con derecho a usar los 5 anillos, constan de 31 deportes que buscan su integración en las Olimpiadas, tales como el tiro con arco, yudo, gimnasia rítmica, rugby siete y otros deportes de pelota.

La Asociación Internacional de Juegos Mundiales ha confirmado que la quiropráctica será una vez más un servicio clave para los próximos Juegos Mundiales que se celebrarán en Cali, Colombia en 2013. Para un informe completo sobre los Juegos Mundiales, y una entrevista con la Dra.Jackie Huang, diríjase a la sección de Noticias, septiembre 2009 en las Publicaciones de www.fics-sport.org.



WFC’s Montreal Congress Ranked a Huge Success by All

May 2009
“This was the most amazing chiropractic meeting I have ever attended, and it gave me much renewed confidence in the future of our profession”, said Dr. Brent McNabb of Madison, Wisconsin at the close of the World Federation of Chiropractic’s 10th Biennial Congress in Montreal, Quebec, Canada April 30 – May 2, hosted by the Canadian Chiropractic Association.

Over 1,000 doctors of chiropractic and students from 38 countries were present for this celebration of chiropractic which began with an inspirational address from Canada’s 2008 Athlete of the Year Chantal Petitclerc. Petitclerc, paraplegic and wheelchair-bound since a spinal cord injury at age 13, broke 2 world records when winning 5 track gold medals at the Beijing Paralympics.

She spoke of her career, how to adjust and achieve your goals whatever may happen in life, the important role of chiropractic in her life as an elite athlete, showed the video of her narrow victory over two Chinese competitors in the 100 metres, and drew tears and laughter and a standing ovation from an audience in awe of her character and achievements.

Increased integration of chiropractic services within mainstream health care around the world, as in Petitclerc’s sports medicine team, was one theme of the Congress. In the opening session examples were given by speakers from the US (Dr. Scott Haldeman, and Dr. Andrew Dunn from the West Buffalo Veterans Administration Medical Center), Canada (Dr. Silvano Mior and Dr. Deborah Kopansky Giles on inclusion of DCs in primary care teams and hospitals), and Denmark (Dr. Charlotte Leboeuf Yde, University of Southern Denmark).

Dr. Jack Taunton and Dr. Robert Armitage, Chief Medical Officer and Co-ordinator, 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, spoke of the team of approximately 40 DCs that will be part of the core healthcare team for the Games. In a keynote address Dr. David Eisenberg of Harvard described integration of chiropractic within the Harvard University hospital system, and reported his new research there – not yet published – showing far superior results with chronic back pain patients when chiropractic and other complementary services are integrated with best medical care.

The lecture hall had standing room only for many as 15 minute overviews of their work were given by 8 Canadian chiropractic researchers holding PhDs and research chairs at major universities across Canada. One, Dr. David Cassidy, described the work of 10 chiropractic researchers and PhD students at his center at the University of Toronto. Speaking the next day Eisenberg, accustomed to the standards of Harvard, explained how “extremely impressed” he was with the intellectual standards and work of the research being presented at the Congress.

Canada now has the greatest depth of university-based researchers and research of any country, and this is the result of an ongoing long-term plan by the Canadian Chiropractic Association to establish respect, cultural authority and a secure future for the profession.

The Congress original research competition attracted 155 submissions and was sponsored by NCMIC Insurance. First prize ($10,000, the Scott Haldeman Award) went to Drs Shawn He and Veronica Dishman of Palmer Florida for a basic science paper entitled Motor Neuronal Degeneration Following Knee Joint Immobilization in the Guinea Pig: An Animal Model of Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

At the Saturday Gala Banquet and Dance on May 2, which featured Cirque Eloise acts and a premier band from the host province of Quebec, Dr. David Cassidy of Canada and Dr. Arlan Fuhr of the USA received honor awards for outstanding services to the chiropractic profession internationally. There was a standing ovation for the oldest chiropractor present – Dr. Del Hushley of Montreal, a 1948 Palmer graduate who was celebrating his 94th birthday.

Many events associated with the Congress included meetings of the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, CCE International, the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) and representatives of licensing boards worldwide. One special event was a dinner to roast and toast the sports chiropractic leader Dr. Tom Hyde of Miami on the occasion of his retirement from international sports administration.

As in Portugal in 2007 at the last WFC Congress, Sister Brigitte Yengo DC, MD of the Congo was present and the Congress was used as a venue to raise funds to support her orphanage. In a raffle sponsored by Activator Methods over $5,300-00 was raised.

At the WFC Assembly of Members, held just prior to the main conference, national associations from Indonesia, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates were admitted to WFC membership. This means that the WFC now comprises and represents national associations in 92 countries.

Other highlights of the Assembly included an address by Dr. Molly Robinson, a former student leader in the American Chiropractic Association and the World Congress of Chiropractic Students. Under a contract between the World Health Organization and the WFC Dr. Robinson has this year become the first DC ever employed by WHO and is working as a technical officer at WHO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The location of the WFC’s next Congress, announced in the closing session accompanied by drummers and samba dancers, is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Dates are April 7-9, 2011.

’This Montreal Congress worked on every level”, said Dr. Susan Gillis-Lawson of Toronto, commenting on the strong technique, philosophy and scientific presentations, the social program, the venue, the large attendance, and the atmosphere of quality, unity and success.

“It is possible at times to be discouraged about current challenges facing the profession in Canada and elsewhere but this Congress, the best chiropractic meeting I have ever attended, has completely restored my enthusiasm and optimism for the chiropractic profession and its future.”

For more on the Congress, including photos available for downloading, visit www.wfc.org.

Chantal Petitclerc2
Chantal Petitclerc

Dr. David Eisenberg
Dr. David Eisenberg

Dr Stathis Papadopoulos WFC President opens the Congress
Dr Stathis Papadopoulos, WFC President,
opens the Congress

Sister Yengo
Sister Yengo

First prize award to Dr. He by Dr. Scott Haldeman and Dr. Lou Sportelli
First prize award to Dr. He by Dr. Scott
Haldeman and Dr. Lou Sportelli

Dr. Arlan Fuhr accepts Honour Award
Dr. Arlan Fuhr accepts Honour Award

Dr. Gerard Clum accepts Past Presidents Award
Dr. Gerard Clum accepts Past Presidents Award

Full House
Full House

Dr Mike Leahys ART workshop
Dr Mike Leahy’s ART workshop


Brasil – Juez Federal Dicta Sentencia en Favor de la Profesión Quiropráctica

Marzo de 2009

Periódico Brasileño con publicidad de los Fisioterapeutas

El 3 de marzo de 2009, en el último paso tomado por la Asociación Brasileña de Quiroprácticos (ABQ) para defender la profesión quiropráctica contra los esfuerzos de los fisioterapeutas por conseguir que la quiropráctica sea declarada una especialidad de la fisioterapia, la Juez Federal Brunstein ha dictado una sentencia estricta a favor de la ABQ. La Quiropráctica es una profesión y no una técnica, dice la Juez Brunstein, ya las autoridades representando a los Fisioterapeutas no deberían esforzarse en conseguir que sea declarada una especialidad de la fisioterapia. Una apelación por parte de CREFITO,  el cuerpo regulador para los Fisioterapeutas en Sao Paulo, pidiendo que sea anulada una sentencia previa contra CREFITO ha sido denegada.

Para más información sobre esta batalla profesional en Brasil, y sobre cómo puede contribuir para ayudar a sus colegas y a la profesión, diríjase a Proyectos o haga click aqui. 



La Declaración de Beijing por la OMS Apoya la MCA y a la Quiropráctica

Noviembre de 2008

Dr. Stathis Papadopoulos

Strong new policy support for the continued growth and acceptance of chiropractic and other branches of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in national health systems was given by the World Health Organization and its member nations in Beijing this month at WHO’s Congress on Traditional Medicine, opened by WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan.

Full release:
Discurso del Dr. Chan
Discurso del Dr.  Papadopoulos
Declaración de Beijing


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