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Vision, Purpose and Strategic Objectives


A world where all people, of all ages, in all nations have access to evidence-based, people-centered, interprofessional and collaborative chiropractic services so that populations can thrive and reach their full potential.


To advance awareness, utilization, and integration of chiropractic internationally.

Strategic Objectives

1. CREATE STAKEHOLDER VALUE - We will identify needs and expectations of member national associations and help to deliver workable and measurable solutions that drive growth and sustainability.

2. PROMOTE PROFESSIONAL CONSISTENCY - We will work to promote consistency in areas of education, professional identity, service provision and meeting expectations of patients and the public.

3. ENSURE FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY - We will achieve financial sustainability through a focus on maximizing and diversifying revenue streams without over-reliance on dues income.

4. ACHIEVE EQUITABLE WORKFORCE DISTRIBUTION - We will invest in those geographic areas where chiropractic is under-represented and work with local providers to strengthen the health workforce.

5. MAXIMIZE OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY - To ensure the delivery of best value for member national associations we will streamline operations and recruit to maximize expertise and capacity.

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