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Rights & Responsibilities of WFC members


As the global voice of the chiropractic profession and the peak international body representing chiropractic, the WFC is committed to supporting and empowering its member national associations and promoting and advancing chiropractic around the world.

Being a constituent member of the WFC is a privilege that confers certain rights and benefits to national associations of chiropractors. At the same time, membership requires compliance with our Bylaws and adherence to standards of conduct and behavior that maintain our reputation and are consistent with our vision, mission, values and principles.

The purpose of this position statement is to set out the rights and responsibilities of constituent member national associations of the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC).

Features and benefits of WFC membership

Membership in good standing of the WFC confers the following rights, features and benefits:

  • To consult with and receive assistance on matters of legislation, regulation, fitness to practice, codes of ethics, and other matters relevant to chiropractic.
  • To access WFC crisis management resources and advice in the event of adverse media publicity.
  • To access expenses-only representation of Secretary-General at meetings with government officials or agencies.
  • To receive member communications and copies of the Quarterly World Report to forward to their respective memberships.
  • To correspond on behalf of Members with government agencies or other national authorities.
  • To submit materials for the promotion of Member annual conferences.
  • To be notified of all Meetings (also known as Assemblies) of Members and appoint delegates to attend such meetings, whether in-person or electronically, and vote on all matters on which Members are entitled to vote as per the bylaws.
  • To vote on member voting rights, to amend the bylaws and articles of incorporation, to approve applications for membership and applications for removal of membership.
  • To receive a copy of the annual financial statements.
  • To consider and determine whether to approve the annual dues recommended by the Board.
  • To consider reports of the Board and committees and vote on motions relating to the adoption of such reports in whole or in part and to approve actions to be taken as are appropriate.
  • To consider resolutions properly submitted by Constituent Members provided that such resolutions are within the objectives of the Corporation.

Duties and responsibilities of Members

All Constituent Members are required at all times to act in the best interests of the WFC and uphold our reputation. We expect the following of our Members:

  • To publicly support and promote our mission, vision, principles and strategic direction.
  • To comply with our bylaws, policies and practices.
  • To provide us with up to date contact details, including the addresses (postal and electronic) so that we can ensure that our communications are received.
  • To respond promptly to all surveys, questionnaires and requests for information.
  • To accurately declare membership numbers when requested to do so and contribute, on January 1 each year, member dues calculated on the basis of declarations made.
  • To act in a way consistent with furthering the best interests of the WFC.
  • To attend and participate in Meetings (Assemblies) of Members.
  • To share our communications, including the Quarterly World Report, to their memberships.
  • To assist in the promotion of the WFC Biennial Congress, WFC Education Conference, and other events and seminars.
  • To ensure that Members’ memberships are made aware of the WFC and its activities.
  • To desist from any activities that may be considered contrary to the best interests of the WFC or bring the profession of chiropractic into disrepute.
  • To refrain from public criticism of the WFC or any of its committees in a manner that is likely to adversely affect our reputation.

Bylaw provisions

Section 3.1(a) of the Bylaws states that each Constituent Member shall:

i. be a national association of chiropractors;
ii. be an organization that limits its voting membership to chiropractors, providing that chiropractic students shall be deemed to be chiropractors for the purposes of this section;
iii. be an organization that is broadly representative of chiropractors within the relevant country;
iv. have paid the then applicable membership fee and met other requirements for recognized membership in accordance with the membership policy adopted by the Board from time to time; and
v. be approved by the Constituent Members before being admitted.

Under section 3.3 Members may be removed from membership for any reason that Constituent Members deem to be in the best interests of the WFC, including where they: (a) violate any provisions of the Bylaws, or any policies or practices of the WFC; or (b) if they engage in any conduct that may be detrimental to the WFC, including our reputation.

Termination of Membership

Section 3.5 of the Bylaws states:

Membership in the Corporation is not transferable and the membership of a Member shall lapse and terminate on the earliest to occur of any one of the following events:

(a) the liquidation or dissolution of such Member;
(b) the withdrawal or resignation of such Member in accordance with Section 3.2;
(c) the removal of such Member in accordance with Section 3.4; or
(d) the liquidation or dissolution of the Corporation under Part 14 of the CNCA.

Motion to adopt this position statement passed by the WFC Board of Directors

Dated this eighteenth day of August, 2020.

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