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Legal Status of Chiropractic by country

WFC Legal Status of Chiropractic by Country

Note: Listed according to the 7 world regions adopted by the World Federation of Chiropractic. In most other countries there are no chiropractors in practice, and national health authorities have not considered recognition or lack of recognition.

For a 2017 survey review, please refer to The chiropractic workforce: a global review


(a) Legal pursuant to legislation to accept and regulate chiropractic practice

(b) Legal pursuant to general law

(c) Legal status unclear, but de facto recognition

(d) Legal status unclear and risk of prosecution

African Region

Botswana (a)
Ethiopia (b)
Ghana (b)
Kenya (b)
Lesotho (a)
Mauritius (b)
Namibia (a)
Nigeria (a)
South Africa (a)
Swaziland (a)
Uganda (c)
Zambia (b)
Zimbabwe (a)

Asian Region

China (c)
Hong Kong – SAR China (a)
India (c)
Indonesia (d)
Japan (b)
Malaysia (b)
Philippines (a)
Singapore (b)
South Korea (d)
Taiwan (d)
Thailand (a)
Vietnam (c)

Eastern Mediterranean Region

Bahrain (a)
Cyprus (a)
Egypt (b)
Iran (a)
Israel (a)
Jordan (b)
Lebanon (b)
Libya (b)
Morocco (c)
Qatar (a)
Saudi Arabia (a)
Syria (c)
Turkey (a)
United Arab Emirates (a)

European Region

Austria (c)
Belgium (b)
Croatia (b)
Denmark (a)
Estonia (b)
Finland (a)
France (a)
Germany (b)
Greece (c)
Hungary (c)
Iceland (a)
Ireland (b)
Italy (a)
Liechtenstein (a)
Luxembourg (b)
Malta (a)
Netherlands (b)
Norway (a)
Portugal (a)
Russian Federation (b)
Serbia (a)
Slovakia (b)
Spain (d)
Sweden (a)
Switzerland (a)
United Kingdom (a)

Latin American Region

Argentina (b)
Bolivia (a)
Brazil (b)
Chile (b)
Colombia (b)
Costa Rica (a)
Ecuador (b)
Guatemala (a)
Honduras (b)
Mexico (a)
Panama (a)
Peru (b)
Venezuela (b)

North American Region

Bahamas (a)
Barbados (a)
Belize (b)
Bermuda (b)
British Virgin Islands (b)
Canada (a)
Cayman Islands (a)
Jamaica (b)
Leeward Islands (a)
Puerto Rico (a)
Trinidad & Tobago (b)
Turks & Caicos (a)
United States (a)
US Virgin Islands (b)

Pacific Region

Australia (a)
Fiji (b)
Guam (a)
New Caledonia (a)
New Zealand (a)
Papua New Guinea (b)
Tahiti (a)

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