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What is Public Health? According to the World Health Organization:

“Activities to strengthen public health capacities and service aim to provide conditions under which people can maintain to be healthy, improve their health and wellbeing, or prevent the deterioration of their health. Public health focuses on the entire spectrum of health and wellbeing, not only the eradication of particular diseases.” World Health Organization

What we can do 

Chiropractic is a health profession that focuses on health and wellness. As primary contact health professionals, chiropractors can play an important role as public health advocates. This can range from providing support and advice on health matters such as physical activity, diet, and fitness as well as lifestyle choices such as injury prevention and avoiding tobacco use. Chiropractors can also play a role in counselling patients and communities on the benefits of public health measures, especially as this relates to immediate health needs of each region.

This webpage provides you with news and updates about public health, tutorials and relevant resources and information about how to apply public health knowledge and skills in clinical practice

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